Leica M 100 Edition Set + Leica M7 Titanium Set With 3 Lenses + Box

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  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Serial Number: 4811915 / 19XX
  • Condtion: LIKE NEW
  • Production Code: 10794 / 10572
  • SKU: 1909113
Offered are maybe the 2 most well designed Leica sets ever made: Leica M 100 Edition set + Leica M7 Titanium set with 3 lenses.

Product Description


Offered are maybe the 2 most well designed Leica sets ever made: Leica M 100 Edition set + Leica M7 Titanium set with 3 lenses. Both sets are boxed.

As for the Leica 100 Edition set Leica made the set to celebrate 100 years of Leica photography. The Leica M 100 Edition set brings together a mechanical rangefinder camera for film, the Leica M-A, and a digital Leica M (Leica M Monochrom) in one set. For the first time ever, both Leica cameras and the lenses in this set are made from solid stainless steel. This is the first time that stainless steel has been used for the metallic elements of Leica products. A special coating protects the surfaces against finger marks. resistant and durable in equal measure, The premium appearance of both camera bodies is completed by the use of a special black leather covering. The set also includes 3 Leica Summilux-M lenses:

- Leica 28mm f1.4 Summilux-M no. 4311915
- Leica 35mm f1.4 Summilux-M no. 4321915
- Leica 50mm f1.4 Summilux-M no. 4331915

The M 100 Edition set will be supplied in a black anodized aluminium case made by Rimowa which was especially made for Leica.

The Leica M 100 Edition is strictly limited to 101 sets for the entire global market. The serial numbers started at 4811914 and this is the 2nd set made: serial number 4811915.

As said the set is in new condition. Probably never used and complete with boxes, papers etc. A very nice set which is not offered that often.

The Leica M7 Titanium set with 2 lenses is very rare hardly offered and comes with box as well. The Leica M7 Titanium 3 lens set is an extremely luxurious set for serious photographer. The set is packed in a extremely nice case and both camera and lenses prove it is the perfect photo shooting combination with toughness and attractive appearance in one. This special edition was launched in 2004 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Leica M system and was produced only in 50 pieces only!!! For these limited pieces the serial numbers were from 3000000 to 3000050. Offered is set number 3. Each set has a special limited number. First set starts with number 1954 and last set has number 2004. The 3 lens set includes:

- a Leica 28mm f2 Summicron-M ASPH lens
- a Leica 50mm f1.4 Summilux-M ASPH lens
- a Leica 90mm f2 APO-Summicron-M ASPH lens

All outer parts are made of titanium. Also a thin layer of silicon dioxide on the lens body was added to keep unwanted prints from fingertips away. All lenses have the same unique limited number as the camera. The first set for example has number 1954/28 on the 28mm Summicron-M lens. Other lens numbers for that set are 1954/50 and 1954/90. Where the Leica 28mm f2 Summicron-M lens comes with an external titanium hood the other 2 lenses have built in lens hoods. All 3 lenses have solid titanium front lens caps. A very nice Rimowa case comes with the set. The case, made from aluminum but painted with titanium color, allows the titanium body and lenses to lie comfortably inside. Extremely rare set. If you were ever looking for a set like this this is your chance. Set is in mint condition with no mentionable signs of use. Lens elements are clean. Technically in perfect working condition. No dings or dents. Complete with strap, hardcover book and manual, papers (not all small booklets are present), certificate and box.

Don't be too late! A great opportunity to get these 2 sets.