Leica M4 Black Chrome 50 Years + Box Rare


  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Serial Number: 1413166
  • Condtion: MINT - LIKE NEW
  • Production year: 1975
  • Production Code: 10400
  • SKU: 2101071
Very rare black chrome in almost like new Leica M4 in box.

Product Description


Very rare in almost like new condition Leica M4 black chrome 50 Years in box. No visible signs of use. Of course no dings or dents. Technically in perfect working condition. Camera comes from a collection of several Leica M4 cameras. Leica made about 9000 cameras in black from which 1400 were engraved with 50 Years. Leica also made the SL2, CL and M5 with 50 Years engraving. All had a special number 3 digit number prefixed with a single letter from the word LEICA on the back. This one has number 066-C. Interesting about this camera is that it comes with the original box with matching number. Also this box has stickers with the 50 Years sign on it, sticker from the dealer called St. Louis Photo with list price USD 895.00 and showing OUR PRICE Body Only Net Net). On the other side a sticker says: "Component parts made in Germany camera assembled in Canada by Ernst Leitz Canada, Ltd Midland, Ontario. For some kind of reason the engraving on the top plate in not fully straight outlined. Don't miss this one.