Leica IIIC Luftwaffen-Eigentum

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  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Serial Number: 367609
  • Condition: B+
  • Production year: 1941
  • Production Code: LOOZS
  • SKU: 2846
On commission sale an used Leica IIIC Luftwaffen-Eigentum.

Product Description


On commission sale an used Leica IIIC Luftwaffen-Eigentum. The engraving (chrome) on the back side has partly been removed but the Luftwaffen-Eigentum is still fully visible. Furthermore the camera is engraved with Fl. No 38079 on the top plate. Original condition with red blind. Nice condition with some signs here and there but no heavy dents or something like that. Comes with a 50mm f3.5 Elmar lens (serial number 568207), Lens shows some marks on the front element and some haze inside. The camera was delivered to the German Air Force in Berlin on January 7 1941 with shipment number 19559 (please see a copy of the book of Mr. James L. Lager). Camera is working but a CLA is recommended. I'll leave this up to the next owner but for an additional Euro 200 it can be done as well.