Leica 200mm - 400mm Rifle Finder

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  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Condition: MINT-
  • SKU: 127
Ultra rare and hard to find finder.

Product Description


Ultra rare and hard to find finder. According to the books Leica made these finders for the Rifle. Unfortunately in 1937 further development of the Leica Gun was forbidden. A small number of finders reached Leica New York where a few were found later in the 70's. Leica first tried to put them together with rifles but these were no longer available. Some finders came on the market but definitely not many. A rare piece in great condition. Finder comes with screw mount PLOOT (with box) and probably home made adapter for using the finder on the PLOOT. Finder shows some very small signs of use. Camera and lens are not included.