Leica 135mm f4 Elmar In Tele-Elmar Barrel Pre-Series Rare

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  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Serial Number: 1884002
  • Condtion: A-
  • Production year: 1961
  • Production Code: 11851
  • SKU: 17090074
Ultra rare lens: a Leica 135mm f4 Elmar lens in a barrel of the Leica Tele-Elmar lenses.

Product Description


Ultra rare lens: a Leica 135mm f4 Elmar lens in a barrel of the later Leica Tele-Elmar lenses.

In early 1960 Leitz asked for patent on a tele-lens with five lens elements in three groups. In support of this request a small series of 100 lenses was made. This batch has listed with the serial numbers 1884001 to 1884100 and is in the Leitz documentation called "Elmar 4/135 in black." The ring with the serial number is also engraved with ELMAR. Following the approval of the patent in 1965 the serial production started with the number 2046001, but the lens was called TELE-ELMAR.

The pre-series lenses are hard to find and highly sought after by collectors. The copy presented here with serial number 1884002 is the second of this rare pre-production series and thus of particular interest. The corresponding digits of the serial number are also listed in the tube.

The optics are excellent. No scratches, fungus or separation. The barrel shows signs of use, but not serious. No dents or impact damage.