Leica IIIC Luftwaffen-Eigentum

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  • Manufacturer: Leica
  • Serial Number: 377284
  • Condition: C
  • Production year: 1941
  • Production Code: LOOZS
  • SKU: 2850
On commission sale an used Leica IIIC Luftwaffen-Eigentum.

Product Description


On commission sale an used Leica IIIC Luftwaffen-Eigentum. Not sure whether it is a defaced model or not engraved with Luftwaffen-Eigentum on the back (both exsist) but to be honest as it doesn't look like the camera is being re-chromed I think this one is original delivered without the Luftwaffen-Eigentum engraving on the back side. Camera has been synchronised on the front side (unfortunately not by Leica). A small bump on the left side is visible. The camera was delivered to the German Air Force in Berlin on July 31 1941 with shipment number 25805 (please see a copy of the book of Mr. James L. Lager). Camera is working but a CLA is recommended. I'll leave this up to the next owner but for an additional Euro 200 it can be done as well.