Rolleiflex T Set + Box

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  • Manufacturer: Rollei
  • Serial Number: T 2178276
  • Condtion: MINT - LIKE NEW
  • SKU: 2613
Very rare Rolleiflex T.

Product Description


Very rare Rolleiflex T. Of course a Rolleiflex T is not that rare but in this condition and this complete makes this set very interesting. Let me first point out wat is included:

Rolleiflex T
Bayonet I UV Filter + Box
Bayonet I Orange Filter + Box
Bayonet I Yellow Filter (-1,5) + Box
And last but not least the original seal

The camera itself is in great condition and definitely not often used. Some very small signs are visible but definitely not much. Technically the camera is in perfect condition. Serial numbes of the lenses are 3581226 (75mm f2.8 Heidosmat viewing lens) and 3580294 (75mm f3.5 Tessar taing lens). A great set and a must for every collector.